Friday, August 7, 2009

It has been so looonnnnnggggg!

    Helloooooo out there! I realize it has been quite awhile but Jack and I were in motion, flying from Israel to Romania, taking multiple trains to the Czech countryside- where we stayed with the most amazing people ever- then travelled to Germany and flew home to Canada!!!!!

   As many of my readers might know I am a university student studying politics and history. I aspire to perhaps one day do journalism so this is my creative outlet for the moment- although I try not to get too controversial on this blog (concerning politics). Since the trip is over, after I catch up on my posts I intend to continue writing and posting so...


    I have some amazing stories to share, including one about our experience in a West Bank refugee camp, about the amazing people we met in the Czech Republic and our experience there, the 600 euro we almost scored, and much more. For the month of August we also have a big canoe trip planned for Northern Ontario so I will include tips on:
  • How to bear proof your campsite
  • How to clean a fish
  • Idea for a tasty camping friendly meal
Anyways, I will keep posting.... Over and out,



  1. hi.........thanks for follow my blog
    all images are beautiful.......

  2. Haha....oh yes, D....I'm sure we will have some stories for your blog after the camping trip...I hope to see my bear friend again...I'm sure he has missed me:)
    Perhaps he is my spirit guide?
    I will keep reading....:)

  3. bears? did someone say bears?????????
    i hope it is yogy bear!!!

  4. Haha...hmmm...this bear is quite larger...and I don't think he has a pic-inic basket...but perhaps some pots n pans courtesy of Mr. Jay W! Haha

  5. Joe and I are camping in the Adirondack Mountains on our honeymoon in a couple weeks. I'd love to read about how to bear-proof my campsite. I've got a few tips of my own, but I'm dying to hear yours...