Thursday, December 17, 2009


       I just wanted to post some beautiful pictures my friend Brit took on a trip to Guatemala- one day I would love to visit Central and South America....too many places to see too little time!!! For now I will have to satiate that urge with looking at this pictures, closing my eyes and playing a little good ole' make believe. Brit's blog has a bunch about her trip and also some political meanderings I quite enjoyed. Check it out at Livin' Life at the U of Earth- I am also digging the name!

VOLCANO- I Love the volcano!
There is something spontaneous about this picture that I enjoy- the colour composition is very nice; the red car, the yellow wall and the nun in stride...hmmmm

This is Brit's fav picture- that sky is nothing short of absolute technicolour madness!
I am in love with this cactus pot man- I need a man like this in my life and it would be complete :) I mean Jack is pretty good and all but does he have sprouting cacti eyes? I think not!


True? Not True?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For C. Flower in response to....

    This is a pic for my most ardent reader and favorite blogger Miss C. response to her post concerning her le petit pug Cubbie; see here...

   This young pup is Jack's fathers dog, Doug the Pug who has a prime position is Papa's wallet...I recently had the pleasure of meeting Doug on a trip to his hometown of Winnipeg- and PUGS MAKE ME HAPPY and they do look like Susan Boyle!?!? What?!?!?! I agree, it was an interesting observation. 

I just cannot believe it is Christmas- time is just flying!!!
Sorry the resolution is not the greatest- it is a picture of a picture done by my Mac....

Good night, D.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Three Day Road

   Life is crazy and wild and wonderful and hectic and cold...cold? Yes it is cold outside and snowy and slushy, hence there is nothing better than to curl up in bed and read a good book. With exams finally over I can read without guilt!!!! Woohoo! 

   A few months ago I read 'Three Day Road' by Joseph Boyden, representing authors of the Canadian Metis variety. I would highly highly recommend the book which follows two native Cree snipers from Moosefactory (an isolated community in Northern Ontario) to the trenches in WWI France. Normally I am not attracted to violent stories, but this historical fiction was fantastically written and entrancing is only the way to describe it. Based loosely on WWI Ojibiwa hero, Francis Pegahmagabow, Boyden chronicles with scary accuracy the triumphs and defeats experienced by Canadians stationed overseas. The psychological impact of war is explored as well as reactions to that environment, which represents a particularly moving narrative as my own Grandfather and I am sure many readers relatives experienced during the world wars. Furthermore, Boyden relates a rich history derived from his own heritage, replete with myth. 

   Since exams have ended I have picked up the second book, which is to become a trilogy, called 'Through Black Spruce'. I am pining on a warm bed and that book at the moment!

   I had an opportunity to go to a reading and to meet Boyden which was a unique experience. 

For more about Boyden and a full synopsis of his books visit his website here.