Friday, October 9, 2009

Some More Pictures From Bethlehem I Have Been Meaning to Post...

      Two young boys who we met in Bethlehem in the Aida camp....their family took us into their home as guests and fed us (we tried real Palestinian olives!). The young girl in the orange was an aspiring salon stylist.... she insisted on doing my (and Margot the girl we were with) makeup and hair. I even had the veil done properly and boy...I can attest it was hot! They were absolutely amazing to us and I think of them often....especially the lovely baby whose name I cannot spell but is pronounced 'Nee-lah'....I have many interesting photo's from our day there as the boys ran off with the camera and took a million photo's, I especially like the one of their friend on the street looking up :)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My New Career Path (s)....

Besides being a student that is! I have started off my own cleaning business which I call 'Green and Clean" an eco-friendly business that uses all natural products while leaving your home sparkling! It has really taken off and I have just increased my clientele to five which is sure to keep me busy. 
My happy little slogan :)
I also got a job at 'LUSH' woohoo! For the holiday season....As a teenager I made frequent trips to the city to visit what was then, the nearest Lush store. When a Lush opened up in my local mall I was surprised and delighted. Lush’s dedication to maintain ties to ideological values and business ethics are traits that I identify with and personally would like to support. These traits include; organic and vegan ingredients, no animal testing, responsible packaging, hand-made products, and other green initiatives. As a practicing vegetarian and past vegan, Lush became a natural option for me for bath and beauty products.  More recently, Lush Cosmetics innovative campaign to raise awareness about palm oil use and the effects this has on Malaysian and Indonesian rainforests is an admirable commitment. Lush’s move to eliminate the use of palm oil in their cosmetics is a responsible move when many other companies, such as Cadbury, continue to increase their use. As a political science student I am well aware of international social-political issues pertaining to this type of environmental degradation. Lush represents a viable, affordable and high quality product that acts as an alternative to companies such as Procter and Gamble and Unilever. The Charity Pot Program with proceeds going to various NGO’s, represents yet another example of an ethical company that I would like to become involved in. 



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