Saturday, November 27, 2010

I've Been on Hiatus for So LONG!!!!!

I was having a lot of trouble signing into my account/ I have been incredibly busy and time just flies by! I want to reinitiate my blog....We are planning another trip and this is a handy-dandy way to document our adventures. Expect more posts and details ASAP!

Slash, follow my new Tumblr......

EEEEEEEEE, lets catch-up!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

and then "IMPACT!"

Here in Canada land we have a graduated licencing system, you can get a beginners (G1)when you are sixteen by writing a multiple choice test. If this is successfully completed you can drive with a (G2) driver who has completed a road test and who has five years experience. I have had my G1 for about five years and I recently booked my road test. I have been slowly gaining confidence driving. My Mom and I were cruising along in our car the other day, approaching our drive way, which is on a fairly busy road. I slowed down, put on my blinker and went to turn into my driveway when...IMPACT. Before I knew what had happened we were barrelling through a forest of spruce. I deftly maneuvered the car, narrowly missing the trunks of the old trees, instinctively slamming the brakes. I screamed, first profanities then a "mommmmmyyyy!" and a "I didn't do it!!!!!" We were showered with a spray of glass as the passenger window shattered. I quickly shut off the car at my mothers prompting and emerged. When I got out of the car and climbed the embankment to the side of the driveway I could here a steady stream of profanities coming from the forest. My mother emerged, snapping branches and shaking off glass as she yelled, as I have described it since the incident, like a banshee, a bat out of hell and a Sasquatch.

It happened so fast I could not believe what had happened. Unsure of whether to cry or swear I approached a group of my neighbours who had convened on the lawn. My mothers introduction to the new neighbours was her gone hulk, but when she caught up to us she explained "I am not always like this." A young guy approached us and explained what happened. He had been following us and a women followed him. It was said woman who was following him much too closely, and did not anticipate anyone slowing down. To avoid hitting the young guys car she swerved left clipping our Pontiac at 60 miles an hours and causing our descent into the grove of trees at the end of our lane. After two hours in minus ten weather, filling out a police report, talking to firefighters and paramedics the ordeal was not yet over but we got to go inside. The car has sadly passed into the great parking lot in the sky, so affectionately called 'Sexy Car' by my mom who acquired it after losing her Aerostar van to a similar hit from behind seven years ago.

Needless to say I am now terrified to drive, although I did yesterday at Jack's prompting to 'Get back on the horse'. As I tell him, the roads are fraught with danger and as a precautionary neither of us should ever enter a vehicle again! You cannot account for other drivers being careless on the road!

Maybe my bad luck streak will be ending soon???? I am just happy we were both o.k. and things could have been worse!


p.s I have pictures of the car! I will post them!

p.p.s The picture from above is by Robert Bateman a famous Canadian artist, see here for more of his work!
p.p.p.s My brothers friend Jay showed up and felt sorry for me so he gave me a deep-friend Mars bar; it was delicious, I would highly recommend it in all of its gooey fattening deliciousness.....

Monday, January 25, 2010


My computer crashed;

I want it smashed.

I turned it on, a file popped up with a question mark,

now ain't that a lark?

I tried to find a photo of someone destroying an Apple,

to no avail...

But this picture of snowwhite is pretty cool, don't you agree?
P.S Planning a trip to Quebec city!!! Better brush up on my French! Parle Vu Francais?