Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sometime I feel like this.....

Roaming around the university in a daze amid the throngs of other 19-25 year old kids all vying to get the top grade, to graduate, to compete to get into grad school/ med school/ law school, to get a decent wage and ... and.... I love university but I hate it sometimes too.... I guess I just need to stop and think about what makes everyone unique- including myself.

Dear Santa:

      All I want for Christmas is this wicked awesome owl dress (from, a new ankle for mommy (hers broke), and for school to be over.... Kinda overwhelmed with essays at the moment, having a bad day; owls make me happy. I have a friend who collects owl things so everywhere I go I always get her owl paraphernalia- salt and pepper shakers; macrame wall hanging; wooden carving.... ummm thinking of more things to write to procrastinate but I had better get back to reading "Institutional Design and Democratic Consolidation in the Third World" sounds exciting doesn't it? 

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sorry for my absence....

Been busy completing the above list:

(1) Wrote a small article and submitted some photo's [from the trip] to a magazine on campus [woohoo]
(2) Working on finishing essays; so far so good
(3) Went on a fantastic hike with Jack and my dog Jak{eeeee} today; it was fantastic weather for November so finally we got to bask in the sunlight and trek through muddy cornfields and swampy coniferous forests
(4) Have not been reading so much other than textbooks, which I devour everywhere... my history of sexuality class as some pretty scandalous chapters!
(5) Keeping myself interested- in rug hooking (I want to start!), cooking (mmmmm West African Peanut stewwwwww), the beat generation, hunting (I will explain later)
(6) Constantly dreaming- of today, tomorrow, ten years from now annnnddddd purple unicorns flying through marshmallow clouds
(7) Trying to write- anything!!!!! 

-Over and out, DDDDDDDD