Wednesday, September 30, 2009

People always ask..."What were your favorite places on the trip?"

   Jack and I agree that it is A) Difficult to choose and B) Czech Republic! Turkey! Israel! I guess if we could choose....ummmm it would be these three.
     This is in Stramburg, after we hiked a trail to a cave where a child neanderthal skeleton was found, we headed up to this picturesque tower to watch the sunset. 
Our fire in the old quarry! Pavel and his brother Michael are in the background playing their song 'Ahojte!' and Elena roasts delicious cheese over the flames (which Jack and I later determined to be Halloumi which we have done on the BBQ at home!)
   This is the wild (WILD) hedgehog we ran into on our trek home through the dewy fields. I was in awe that he let us pick him up....Pavel's friend 'Peppa' says he knows him and sees him often in the area at night searching for bugs and slugs and whatever else hedgehogs eat. 

   Well I gotta return to school work, which is seemingly never-ending despite the fact I am part-time?!?!? Hmmmm....

Over and Out, Deeeeeeelilah

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  1. wild hedgehogs! ADORABLE! Love the campfire jam session.