Friday, December 19, 2008

The Chronicles of Delilah and Jack

Volume I
Jump, Wind, Flame, and Flee

Delilah was sitting on a high ledge in the middle of that cold wintery night. From the top of highest building in the city, she sits, and waits. The city is silent; everyone is shut away, sheltered safely from the cold. Delilah is waiting for her signal. Waiting.
She leaps off the building, picking up unimaginable speed as she freefalls down to the slumbering city below. With the bright lights fast approaching, she spreads her beautiful brown and white wings and the freefall turns seamlessly into a controlled glide. Weaving up and down and around the low lying structures, she makes her way to the source of the noise.
A glowing reddish-yellowish tinge highlights the buildings surrounding her target destination. Delilah begins circling above the flaming building looking for her partner. Sirens are getting close. Her heart beats faster and faster. Where was Jack? The screaming from is sirens are too close. She looks around franticly, her eyes dart back and forth like an intense ping pong match.
The flaming building is almost about to fall down. The creaking of the imminent collapse begins, and the whole building sways to one side.
Delilah dashes downwards quicker than a bat out of hell. She flaps as she’s never flapped before. Duck diving under a falling burning wooden beam, she re-thinks what she has gotten herself into. How could she trust a rat? How could she have been so na├»ve to think that this plan would actually work? She was risking her life, and for what? She had already achieved her freedom.
All of a sudden, she heard the loud desperate barking of many, many dogs. Out of the ongoing destruction, she saw a rat, running frantically, followed but hundreds of dogs. Delilah swooped down, and using her razor sharp talons, she picked up Jack.
“Hey!...Ease off the death grip will ya?” Jack said, patting out and rubbing his formerly on fire tail.
“What took you so long?” Delilah questioned as they flew higher to safety. “Did you get it?”
“Oh I got it.” Jack said with an evil grin, in a way that only the darkest, devilish, vermin of the world could say. Jack reached back into his dirty, ratty fur behind his neck and pulled out a shiny red jewel. He began caressing the jewel, and a creepy red glow began to light up the face of the mischievous sprite. “The demon named Steven will never know what’s coming….Muhahahahahhahahha…”
-This is Jack signing out

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