Sunday, December 14, 2008

HHHHEEELLLLOOOOO Out There....Hhhheeelloo?

Good-evening Ladies and Gentlemen;

Broadcasting live from the wintry northern hemisphere, this is Delilah Baron and Jack Nitrozor, here to bring you for the first time ever...a first hand account of what the secret to the universe actually is...Drum roll please....dudududududududuuunnnnn.......42!

Now that we have got your attention,

Who are we!? We are two University students and this is our blog describing our views on politics, religion, the environment, books, movies, recipes, good, evil, up, down, orange, blue and everything in between. If you find our views controversial we invite you to join in and debate.

Hope to talk to you soon! More to come shortly,

Signing out...

-Delilah + Jack

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