Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dear Santa:

      All I want for Christmas is this wicked awesome owl dress (from, a new ankle for mommy (hers broke), and for school to be over.... Kinda overwhelmed with essays at the moment, having a bad day; owls make me happy. I have a friend who collects owl things so everywhere I go I always get her owl paraphernalia- salt and pepper shakers; macrame wall hanging; wooden carving.... ummm thinking of more things to write to procrastinate but I had better get back to reading "Institutional Design and Democratic Consolidation in the Third World" sounds exciting doesn't it? 


  1. What a sexy owl dress! What does Jack think of the owl dress? I think you'll look hot in it, although I wonder if Santa can navigate etsy.

  2. D I ordered you one for xmas but got lost in the mail...very suspect ...BUT on the bright side your birthday is approaching!!!