Tuesday, March 31, 2009


        I "Ohhhh" and "Awwwwe" every-time I look at this picture (monkey? baby? monkey?). I emailed my Mom and told her I wanted a new baby brother and I want him to "LOOK LIKE THIS!"....and that Jake also wanted a new baby brother to play with (FYI Jake is my crazy dog whom my parents treat like their child after they suffered empty nest syndrome when my youngest bro moved out to go to college). C.R.A.Z.Y Dog. Point in case, Jake EATS EVERYTHING! He has eaten a full box of donuts. Very expensive face cream (Clinique). Scar removal cream. Make-up. A package of birth-control (no negative effects were witnessed luckily). Any candies he can get his stinky paws on (Christmas stocking stuffers my Mom bought, then he spat them all over the bed). A chocolate lover boy (A gag gift). My dads tighty-whities. I still adore him regardless of the vacant stare I get whenever I have food in my hand, and the gobs of drool that stream down the sides of his mouth as he salivates dreaming of eating whatever I am enjoying (an orange, a cookie, pasta, cereal...doesn't matter).
P.S The monkey would fit right in, no one would question whether he was my biological kin... notice the red hair. A lot of my relatives, my dad and my brother are redheads; I was lucky and 'dodged the ginger bullet' although my brother still calls me a 'day-walker' because of my freckles!

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