Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jack Posts!!!

I figured that I should write something on this blog seeing as never do. So I'll expose a bit of myself....

Sometimes when I cook with garlic, my fingers smell like garlic for days. Is this a common phenomenon? Or do I just suck at washing my hands? Perhaps my mother is right after all…

This is a picture of me before I met Delilah!

This is a picture After:

And this is a picture of our communist Pokémon pet named Grasshopper-Dinosaur

Signing out


  1. A few things to establish about this post. One: Jack is an excellent cook and makes a mean pasta dish. Two: His hand do smell like garlic for a week after making said pasta. Three: The 'After' pic of Jack look strikingly similar to the man I am sitting beside at this moment except that I recently trimmed his out of control facial hair, umm an he doesn't have long hair. Four: I am constantly trying to convince our commie pokemon friend that Social democracy is a much better option. Five: My first born will be named 'Grasshopper' and will be a ninja legend!!!!!



  2. Hello- I have come to follow your blog as I found you on my follow bit! I'm interested to see where you go on your travels- I went travelling nearly 2 years ago to Australia and I am still here....I really wish I visited some more European cities especially Barcelona. I recommend you visiting Morocco- it's a great place... Will you blog about some english tv?I miss english comedies! :-) ps.you should invest in a jar of prechopped garlic