Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We are also going to the Berlin Wall!

 Another must in Germany...we are going to beeline to Berlin to catch a glimpse of the previously named 'iron curtain' as Winston Churchill once dubbed it...Speaking of the fall of the wall, check out Good Bye Lenin, an amazing German film! I went to IMDB to find a picture to post and this is a conversation I observed on the message board...quite entertaining!

Firelucifer- "Why is the movie called goodbye lenin? I dont see any lenin in the cast?"
hardy cvpm- " He is the man whose statue is being carried away by the helicop
ter. He was the father of the soviet union"
Matheushsm- "Have you ever studied history?"
Cracker McGee- "He is a Beatle"
Cansarioglu- "He is the new boyfriend of Paris Hilton?!"
Cool Lester Smooth- "I am the Walrus"
Marxipan- "Here is another clue for you all: The walrus was Paul"
West Bromich Albion: "This takes the award for the most stupid thread"
Otdushy- "be nice= not everyone os familiar with history than you are. It is a perfectly reasonable question"
Humanophage- "Not knowing who lenin was, like not knowing Hitler or Napoleon, is one of those things that one can't justify by poor knowledge of history. It is more likely that the OP is a mere troll"
Redorchetsra- "Who is Hitler?"
David Colbourne- "What do Lenin and Paris Hilton have in common?, the world would be a better place if neither of them had been born"
Arizona Moonlight- "Who is this Germany I keep hearing so much about? I thought it was a person, but then I heard there was a west germany and an east germany and now I'm all confused"

   I figured out by this message board that (a) some people may not know who Lenin is...I wonder if they know Stalin?; (b) some people do not like Lenin...or Paris Hilton; (c)they conclude the person who posted the question is ignorant and is therefor a troll or an american....I got a laugh out of this (especially as a history student) plus I enjoyed the reference to Big Lebowski....one of my favorite movies!

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