Thursday, June 18, 2009

Au Revoir Haminator

Our New Zealand counter-part has sadly departed for Scandanavia before he heads to South-East Asia... And once again there are three. We had a lovely departing dinner. Jack and I prepared a special going away gift... a Turkish eye for protection, a beer, chips, pistachio nuts for sustainance among other things. Hamish gave Jack and I a piece of Jade which we will get carved into a pendant known in Maori as Hei-tiki. It is a traditional Maori gift in New Zealand and I believe it must be given by a friend.
Watching Man vs Wild will not be the same without him. Hamish joined our entourage way back in Prague and we have had many grand adventures! We wish him all the best and will continue to try and coax him to visit in Canada or meet us in Cuba next year! We already know Lauren is coming to visit...but I will still be sad to see her depart as well :(.....


  1. Good luck Hamish..sorry we missed you by a few days...... Hopefully u will visit "Oh Canada our home and native land""""!!!!!!

  2. Bon voyage Hamish! You were a good companion.

  3. That's always the saddest thing, when you have to part with a new good friend. Hamish seems a nice guy, I'm gonna miss him, too. Btw, the food looks so inviting :).

  4. Cuba next year makes us smile....:)
    Cool parting gift from your friend....did you know that they used to say Jade could heal ailments in the loins? Now it can serve another purpose.....;)
    SYan & JMac