Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Curse and the Fall

Yesterday we were cleaning up the apartment in the morning and in the spirit of cleaning I grabbed our little rug and hung it out the window to shake it out. I was gazing out onto the street and shaking the carpet...not noticing anyone about. After a minute an old lady came trekking, but she was on the other side of the street so I thought nothing of it. Then she proceeded to raise her fist and shake it at me, yelling something I didn't understand! I was taken aback; it was not like I was deliberatly shaking dirt at her...
That night we were talking to our neighbour, Koran, who is studying Turkish culture and knows a bit about it. He told us that the people in these areas are very superstitious. the act of me shaking the carpet in the path of the old lady was cursing her to ill fortune or death! Opps. I felt bad, but I am sure she will be alright.

Had a lovely day relaxing in the park, reading and playing chess. The other incident of the day was when we were heading back to our apartment. The street we are on, as I think I mentioned, is steep and uneven. People set their trash out at night and stray dogs come and ravage the bags so sometimes there is wrapping floating about. Trying to step gingerly down the slick cobbles I did a weird fall twisting my ankle and scrapping the top of my foot. I made a quick recovery and continued walking when out ofa side alley there was an eruption of laughter. A bunch of little hooligans (six year olds) were laughing at me. I didn't have the presence of mind to stick out my tongue (plus I am not sure if that gesture is universal) so I limped back upstairs without my dignity. The foot was ok, Jack bandaged it up... I will survive.

In the evening, our South African counter-part Miss Lauren rejoined the crew after her hiatus in Bulgaria which she raved about. She couched surfed with some very generous Bulgarians who fed her very well and gave her a tour of the country. We now have four people in our little studio apartment... so it is snug but comfortable!


  1. Your poor little foot!!!! :(

  2. Those little jerks! You should have shook a rug at them!!!
    HMac and I discussed another gesture you could have shown them...

  3. Ha! Right on! You should have shook a rug at them!

    Also: I love that you used the word "hooligan." It's a great word that should be used often by more people. Sorry about your foot. Make sure you keep it clean. I've had many a wicked foot injury. One foot injury was so bad I can no longer bend the toes on my right foot.

  4. The foot is doing ok! Still hurts a bit though. If I see the hooligans I will be sure to shake the rug heheheheh!