Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Parental Units Have Arrived Safe and Sound!!!!

Jack and I collected Big Hmac and Daddy-O from the airport on Monday and have been busy showing them around istanbul...the first night we kicked back with some beers after taking a stroll down Istiklal Cadessi (the main shopping district). We did a cruise of the Bosphorus Strait yesterday and then went to lunch in a little village we got dropped off at, near the mouth of the Black Sea.
All the people milling about Istiklal Cadessi (meaning independence avenue)
The boat we took.....NOT! See below!
Delilah and Big Hmac taking in the sun on the boat cruise!
Daddy-Os delicious fish lunch... not really expecting three little fish but pretty tasty nonetheless, I managed to steal bits of skin to feed the cats begging under the table heh heh...

Now I will hand the keyboard over to the Chief aka Big Hmac who has been eager to let everyone at home know she arrived safe and now will impart her initial impressions:
Hello from Istanbul! We expected a culture shock and boy did we get one!!! D and J's apartment was a major surprise. Well, not actually the apartment which is very nice and comfortable apart from the bathroom, which has the shower right in the room. This means it sprays on the sink, floor, toilet! Very strange indeeed!!!
Outside, as Delilah has explained, are numerous kids, old muslim mama's and men carrying on until late into the night. Oh, and lets not forget the cats everywhere (and curiously the herd of sheep outside the window when we arrived... one of which was slaughtered in the street). Apart from being jet lagged, the general uproar coming from outside keeps you awake. So chess and cards have been our late night entertainment. Daddy-O beat Jack in chess which imparted quite a shock!!
The boat ride yesterday was beautiful and we also visited a mosque which was very interesting and beautiful. There are so many people everywhere! A very busy city ! The weather is hot hot and still hotter! Anyhoooo today we are heading out to the Blue mosque and Hagia sofia. We are also going to the bazaar to find gifts and hopefully our haggling skills are up to par! I tried to pratice at home before I we will find out if it has paid off.
Signing off now... Updates to follow soon, 10=4 over and Out!


  1. I am glad to hear you have arrived safe and sound, I wouldn't want you lost on the streets eating stray cats to survive!

  2. Hope you all have a ball!! Miss you lots H & N Mac! Delilah, look how lovely and long your hair is!
    p.s D - Sent you my address, cant wait for a post card :)

  3. HMac...thanks for the email:) I'm sending you another one now! Shopping district, eh? Couldn't imagine who you are shopping for...wink wink...hehe...
    SYan & JMac

  4. Allllsoooo....Delilah &'ll see we caught up with posts...the silly google sign-in hasn't been working well so we gave up and posted as anonymous!
    I like the mamas carrying it's like a Sat. night behind the GT Boutique in A Town?
    Good job Daddy-O catching the "little fish"...what are they? Rudd? Mullet? I, (SYan), caught our lunch for I guess I'm the provider on this end (haha jokes)...we took my canoe and went "into the wild..." and have some fun stories for when you're all back! Oh, and Daddy-O, if you thought my bites were big before, you should see me now!
    Talk soon!
    SYan &JMac

  5. HAYLEY!!