Friday, June 26, 2009


Hagia Sophia from behind

We have been busy busy busy doing a whirlwind tour of Istanbul with the units...but having a fantastic time!

Went to the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi palace...did a night on the town where we made friends with Huesyn, a Turkish drama actor (or so he tells us). He took us to his favorite bar, a place we would never have found without him. There was an amazing band playing traditional music and he treated us to beer, wine and nibbles. One of the band members and his wife showed us a turkish folk dance. Huesyn had us all dancing, even Daddy-O! It was the best night we had in istanbul thus far!!!
Blue Mosque from the front...
Jack's battle wound.... walking down the infamous steep street our apartment is on I was carrying the groceries when 'POP!' as bottle of mineral water poking out of the bag went flying to the ground. It shattered spraying Jack's leg with shrapnel. We were shocked at the amount of blood! It ended up being a small one centimeter cut but wow it gushed as you can see from the sock. He was O.K, it was nothing a shot of vodka could not solve.
Walking down the Kabatas to take the units to the Topkapi palace...
Finally, Jack outta that freaking urn! Hahahahahaha!!!!!


  1. Hehe...the urn pics rock!
    Can't wait to learn the new moves!
    That pic of Hagia Sophia is fabulous!
    Jack should put that bloody sock in a shadow box...that is definitely memorable!
    SYan & JMac

  2. Holy GASH. JACK BE NIMBLE, be careful! Every time I see a picture of you you're crawling in and out of statues. No wonder your foot is hemorrhaging.