Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The picture I promised!

Checked out some mosques today and spied a .....wee little Sultan! remeber the outfit I mentioned earlier? There were a few little sultans running about the mosque getting their pictures taken by a professional photographer. Purpose? Unknown.

The mosques were very beautiful. We visited the Blue Mosque and another that we did not catch the name of. You had to remove your shoes and it was a relief...the carpets were amazingly soft.

Jack and I are entertaining the idea of heading to Gallipoli for a couple of days with the Kiwi and South African...Not sure whether we will or not....updates will follow!


  1. Yeah Blue Mosque! Very awesome:)
    Gallipoli, eh? Go for it! It does after all, derive its name from the Greek work Kallipoli or Kallipolis, meaning "Beautiful City."
    If you do go (and I am sending you the desire to go as I write this...via air waves...) be sure to check out the monument with the Gallipoli cross, it was just reconstructed last year I believe! Should be cool:)

  2. Wee sultans? Are you telling me there are wee sultans out there ... and they don't have a reality TV show? :)

  3. They most certainly deserve a reality show then we can see what they are really up to!

    Syan and Jmac will be sure to check out Gallipolli cross!

  4. BTW: your blog is one of my favorites ever.