Thursday, June 18, 2009


So Lauren and I discovered we were kindered souls because we both scrap booked and thus it was logical for us to travel together. Often times we serenade Jack with Beatles songs while we work cutting up paper and colouring (much to his disgruntlment...we are not exactly good singers).

Included is two of my many pages completed in istanbul...depictions of nargile, turkish tea and backgammon! The two of us are little vultures, tearing off labels of beer bottles, snagging travel pamphlets and picking up newspapers...heh heh great minds think alike!


  1. You have such talent Delilah..... I wonder where you get it from? Hmmmmm
    The singing... yep I'm with Jack on that one!!!

  2. When you get the time you should go to this blog:

  3. Love the scrapbooks - they will be such a good souvenir!

  4. You are a very creative spirit! I wonder if Jack would rather you sing Turkish music? Of if he would then long for Beatles tunes?
    SYan & JMac