Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Turkish Delicacy

MMM delicious.....NOT! You see these things everywhere, and apparently sheep's heads are a Middle Eastern delicacy, with the eyeballs being prized for their uptmost deliciousness. I tried to find some recipes and all I found was Organically Cooked Sheep's Head with Orzo Rice. Gotta try that one....hmmmmm...anyone who knows me knows I would not even enter a kitchen where this recipe was unfolding!

Went to a Turkish bath today...I will write a follow up post about the experience when we get back from Gallipoli. Got to finish packing, camping out on the Mediteranean coast, woohooo!

Good Night!



  1. Maybe I should ask if mum would make that for dinner.

  2. All I can say is they can keep that in Turkey!!!! yikers!!!! AND>>>>
    I am not eating that when I come over there!!!! NO WAY NO HOW!!!

  3. That is so gross looking!!
    The eyes freak me out!!

  4. How freakin' awful! The hooves, the necks, the heads ... they're all arranged like pieces to a board game or something. Poor, poor sheep.

  5. Organically cooked? I'd try it! D- You should slide a head into HMac's suitcase...wouldn't she be delighted to be caught with that beauty while at the airport? Hehe...
    SYan & JMac