Monday, July 13, 2009

Amazing Graffiti in Tel Aviv

Well Tel Aviv take ths prize for the best Graffiti we have seen on our trip so far. The walls of this city are plastered with amazing street art which reveals the cool vibe the city emotes. Some are politicized, some pose for pure asthetic purposes, and there are many identifiable artists who do multiple pieces around the city. We'll post more from around Israel as we head south!


  1. When u get home we will get some spray paint and do the garage doors.... that would be awesome!!!! But seriously those r pretty cool pictures!

  2. Very funky art....they must give off awesome energy!
    D- We could do HMac's bedroom...? hehe....
    SYan & JMac

  3. Hey!!
    I was thinking of doing SYan's car!!!