Friday, July 17, 2009

Mitzipi Ramon and the Negev desert

We took the bus from Tl Aviv to Be'er Sheva and then jumped on another to Mitzipi Ramon (pronounced Mitz-ahh-peh Rah-Mone...Jack had trouble buying the ticket b/c no one could understand his mispronounciation!)

The bus was loaded up with soldiers heading to the huge army/ training base in the Negev and Jack and I stared out the windowin awe at the desolate and alien landscape that stretched before us. The bus driver was a young guy with a smile plastered on his face and was wearing a mint green shirt and black tie. He bopped along to the music as we hurtled through the rocky desert...I remember the song playing distinctly, it was the fifties classic "Its my Party and I'll Cry if I want To."

Upon our arrival to the tiny town of Mitzipi Ramon, we hunkered down for a falafal to find our bearings. All one could see for miles was rocks, dust, and an endless blue sky. We had arranged two couchsurfers in the town, and we dialed up our first host Adi. When he arrivd he excused himself to go into the corner store then drove us to where we would be staying. To our surprise we would be occupying Adi's mothers apartment that she frequented every few monthes, in other words we got our own pad! Out of the bag of things he bought at the store he pulled out chocolate chip-hazelnut cookies and a few beers. We got acquainted and Adi showed us around the place.
That night we went over to his beautiful house down the street. He gave us a tour of their garden in the back, full of herbs and fruit trees. Then we relaxed on the rooftop terrace with his wife, who served us tea (made from the garden herbs) and wraps (veggie for me and chicken swarma for Jack). They were the most hospitable hosts and we chatted for a bit. Adi is a theatre teacer at the local highschool and spends his summer vacation writing (currently a book of shortstories based inthe serene desert town of Mitzipi Ramon).
I gotta wrap up the post for now...we are going snorkling (we are in Egypt by the way)...but internet access is secure so more posts will follow shortly! I will regal you with stories about Alpacas spitting, the lost keys, traversing the endless desert, seeing a hyena, sleeping under the stars, hitchhiking, the longwinded process of trying to cross the egyptian border, the crazy bedouin drivers in the Sinai and all about Moses and the Ten Commandments! Phew, that was alot. I am going to get biblical on you!
P.S The weather in the desert was even got cold at night! It is a dry heat during the day- no humidity like Tel Aviv and nighttime was comfortable and breezy....


  1. I miss you guys!!! i wish i could be there with you!

    Have fun... take more pictures!

  2. D & J....You have been very naughty...hitch-hiking? Tsk, tsk!!!
    Insert- HMac NOT HAPPY!!!
    The desert pics are great:)
    We want to see pics of the hyena!
    Sleeping under the stars sounds lovely...I (SYan) wanted to do that last night...the stars outside were so bright and wonderful! But it was a bit too chilly!
    Anywhoo your travels sound lovely...can't wait for you to go to Hungary again...the land of the beautiful people!;)
    SYan & JMac

  3. SYan and I started drinking before noon today because of your hitch hiking.... Just thought you would like to know. :)
    A Hyena??? Be careful they are sly little creatures not to mention they will laugh at you!!!!

    SYan has figured out how to access our little profile again! YAYYYYYY!!!!
    I rock:)

  5. Great pictures Jack and Delilah!
    Can't wait to see you both when you're back and hear all about the trip!

    (BAHAHA that one's for you Jack!)

  6. Oh Delilah, hitchiking...bad idea. Posting it and letting HMac know.. really bad idea. I guess there are two people i know in a foreign country that need an ass kickin'!
    Aunt B