Saturday, July 25, 2009

Petra and Wadi Mousa Part II

After our trek to the Monastery we befriended a bedouin, named Ali, who lived in a cave a couple of kilometres away. We spent the hottest part of the afternoon hanging out with Ali and listening to him play a rudimentray flute he fashioned out of a chair leg! It was amazing! Later we went to his friends shop and he dressed us up as Bedouin brides, complete with black kohl eyeliner. Jack looked exactly like Moses, hahahaha now that his beard is gettin out of control. He invited us to hang out at his cave later that night but we sadly had to decline as we had paid for dinner at our hostel (a delicious buffet!!!!) and Jack and I were catching the bus to Amman at 6:30 in the morning. Luckily, we will keep in touch with Ali via facebook, because yes, Bedouin tribesmen who live in caves have laptops and facebook...believe it or not!

I will continue to catch up on the blog- at the moment we are in the holy land!!! and we are going to attend a Shabbat lunch hosted by a local Rabbi who we must meet at the Wailing wall at we must vamoose!



  1. SYan 'n JMacJuly 25, 2009 at 5:44 PM

    A flute fashioned out of a chair leg? That's fabulous! Did you watch him make it?
    D- You looked great as a Bedouin Bride...I wonder if the guy married you and J without you even knowing? Hehe (SYan) would do something sneaky like that to strangers...;)
    How ironic you are going to a Shabbat lunch...we were just discussing Shabbat today...JMac found SYan's extensive knowledge riveting;)
    We aren't suprised that Bedouin Tribesmen who live in caves have Facebook...they even have kick ass Eminem shirts!!!
    Keep Safe!

  2. The Facebook thing is hysterical. It's an amazing social network, eh? What are your usernames? I'll send you a friend request.