Monday, July 20, 2009

Black Hebrew Israelites

While in Mitzipi Ramon, we learned about the black hebrew settlement in the village. Apparently there was an influx in immigration from the United States, specifically Chicago, of a group of people who claimed to be descendents of the Israelites or of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Although officially identified as practicioners of Judaism, the black hebrews are not fully embraced by the jewish community. they posses their own destinctive traits and traditions. Mainly they are identifiable and known for the long, colorful robes; intricate hairstyles and headdress; vibrant music; adherence to a strictly vegan diet devoid of alcohol and pharmaceuticals and of course their chicagoan dialect....maintained even by second, third and fourth generation Black hebrews living in Israel.

The Black hebrews also settled in a place called Dimona, about a half hour from Be'er Sheva. It is known for its music festivals and vegan/vegetarian restaurants.

For more info I found a wikipedia link for you to check out!

African hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem

We might visit Dimona, if only for vegetarian cuisine, mmmmm!



  1. Crazy. We suppose they dress vibrantly and spend so much time when it comes to their hairstyles and dress, because without meat, pharms and alcohol...what the heck is one to do with their time? Hehe...

  2. Well they could travel the desert in search of buried treasure???? SYan

  3. Black Hebrews are not the only Hewbrews. Hebrews are "every person of color" "but not" the white man, the white man comes from a cursed bloodline.

    I found out the truth here.