Saturday, July 25, 2009

Petra and Wadi Mousa Part I

I am so behind on the posts!!! So I am going to try to bring it up to date as quick as possible. We spent some time in Petra before heading North towards Amman, and crossing over to the Galilee in Israel...
"Hey, Wat up baby...nice donkey if I do say so myself..."
View from the top of a big mountain we climbed to see the monestary in Petra...I am pretty sure from this vantage point we are seeing Israel/ Palestine...

The monestary- If you look very closely, in the right hand corner that is myself (Delilah) and Eileen, the German girl we hung out with in Petra...Good times!
Puffing our way up the mountain..too cheap to pay for a donkey ride plus we felt bad for the poor asses lugging us up to the top... Some little Bedouin boys (riding donkeys) saw Jack, Eileen and myself and remarked: "Lucky man...Two wives!", to our amusement. Many Bedouin take as many as four wives as is customary. The Bedouin work and live in Petra, making a killing off of selling bottled water to thirsty tourists for as much as 3 Jordanian Donair a pop! 1 Donair is the equivilant of a euro roughly....
The treasury! It was beautiful! Amazing! and the camels who chilled in front of it all day... There is Delilah, slowly approaching to make friends with the camels.
Part II will follow....


  1. SYan 'n JMacJuly 25, 2009 at 5:34 PM

    Okay, first of all the Monestary is jaw-dropping!!!
    Secondly, the "two wives" comment is priceless!
    SYan would take on two husbands if Johnny Depp came along...;)

  2. I would take on two husbands too if Depp AND Pitt came along. Through in a little Ryan Reynolds and I'd take three.

    Delilah: were the camels nice? I'd turn into Elmira from Looney Tunes if I was in a country full of camels and donkeys. I'd want to hug and pet and squeeze 'em all.

    I'd pass on the donkey rides too. I'd have a hard time making some poor short donkey schlep me and my stuff up a mountain.

  3. I meant THROW in a little Ryan Reynolds. I can't type today.