Monday, July 20, 2009

A How To Guide...

Make that Camel sit down!!!!

I finally got to ride a camel!!!! I know it is a cliche thing to do in Egypt but it had to be done, especially since we were missing the pyramids. I just took a quick jaunt on one while we were at the blue hole snorkling, it was much fun! They are such peculiar creatures, hee hee.

When we went snorkling our new friend Moustafa (the 26 year old heart surgeon from Cairo)had an underwater camera. We snuck some bread in and wham we were attacked! hopefully got some good pics, he is going to mail them to us when they get developed.

The food in Dahab was cheap. We spent many evenings relaxing with our texan friend and our egyptian friend by the serene waters of the Red Sea (which is surprisingly reddish at sunset due to the reflection of the red tinged mountains in the distance). It was a sad departure when we finally left but we have finally arrived in Jordan! I am going to try and get a guest post from braedon who is heading towards Cairo as compensation of not going... and perhaps I will make a contribution to his travel blog, Coach Merril.

Also, below is a pic of the lovely letter and drawings Moustafa did for Arabic as well! He stayed up all night working on the dragon...I love it! Going in the scrap book!

-Over and out, D


  1. Very cool...I'm glad you're preparing in regards to your snorkeling skills...for the Mag:)
    Aren't underwater pics the cat's pajamas?
    Soooo pumped to see them!!!

  2. That camel is more agile than me!

    And underwater pics ARE the cat's pajamas.

    Catching up on weeks of lost blog reading. I look at your Istanbul postcard on my fridge every day. It fills me with joy every time I reach for the milk.

  3. Oh I am so happy u learned to ride a camel since i bought u one as a coming home present!!!! 'his name is Vincent...I got him from a guy in a dark alley a few towns away!!

  4. Hey!
    It all looks and sounds so fun what you guys are doing!
    I've just received the post card you sent me and I love it!!!
    I'm already busy making your horse-like-something!

    Have fun!