Sunday, July 5, 2009

Back in Good Old Eastern Europe...

Where erotic sex shops are on every street corner and women can not only wear shorts (yeah I can wear shorts comfortably again without men Oggling me like in Turkey!) but they can wear pretty much any amount of cloths they desire! Women go topless on the beach!

We arrived in Varna, Bulgaria on Saturday. We wandered around for a bit, followed some dude from our bus looking for a hostel which was unsuccessful (a french canadian muscle man), had tea, slept in a park, and finally found accomodation using the internet at a gamer lair called DOOM. The initial thing we noticed is that it is so much different from Turkey here although it is only about an eight hour bus ride away...we noticed the culture is much more liberalized as I mentioned above the freedom women possess; women work in shops, go to bars alone etc etc....

Anyways we are having the strangest experience in the strangest hostel that I am not so keen on... we have a few days to kill before we have to get to Bucharest (Romania) to catch or flight to Israel. Yes! We are going to Israel!!! Woo hoo!!! So basically we have been relaxing on the coast of the Black Sea. There is not much otherwise to do in Varna except drink cheap beer.

We arrived at our hostel which is inhabited by S.African, British, American men who all like to drink. Here they serve Vodka for breakfast out of the 'famous' funnel while free beer and icecream is handed out at seven. I politely declined the funnel at nine in the morning before we were shown our room. The main hostel is full so we have been placed in another apartment about ten minutes away. The apartment is occupied by said men who work for accomodation. It is pretty filthy; think six single dudes who drink a lot of beer in one small apartment...hmmm... They are pretty nice I guess, but it is not my cup of tea for sure.

Jack and I are not sure of our plans for the next couple of days, we fly out Wednesday night... we will see what happens... it might be another beach day tomorrow.... I'll update soon....



  1. Women wear shorts and go to bars alone? That's crazy talk!!!
    Free beer and ice cream???
    Where do we sign up?
    Have fun at the topless beach....
    SYan & JMac

  2. Oh good it worked! I had posted a long comment and it disappeared. Anyway ... what I said was: I love toplessness! I took a vacay with Joe last year in the Florida Panhandle and I spent the majority of it sunbathing with the girls out. We rented a little beach house. It was so secluded and beautiful.

    I've got a lot of posts to catch up on, but I like to save your blog for good clear-headed moments. Actually, I was just talking about your blog today with my future sister-in-law. We were talking about nudity and whatnot and I brought up your Turkish bath house story. (A personal fave.)

  3. Helloooooo
    Sleeping on park benchs eh!! We need to come back and get u a proper bed!!!

  4. Drunk guys drinking at 9 in the morning? Sounds like some of your relatives...does it make you homesick?

  5. Heh heh...sounds like a few of my cousins...hmmmm, i think they would fit in here!

  6. I'm curious with that phonebox :).