Sunday, April 5, 2009

Advertising Women's Inequality:

Outrageous Politically Incorrect advertisements from bygone days...think these would pass unnoticed today? 

See here for more!

I need to get back to studying...I have an exam in the morning for my Gender and Sexuality in Politics, I mean this is kind of pertinent isn't it??? Wish me luck!

Over and out, Delilah....


  1. Good luck with your exam!!!!
    They could possibly pass today. But out of them all I think the last one, would be more likely to pass.

  2. LOL I love them! from a funny point of view, that is. About Egypt, I could help you around if you'd want!And I'll make sure I post more about the beautiful place it is!

  3. These are unbelievable - its incredible to think that not so long ago this type of advertising was acceptable. Although there are a couple of ads in the UK at the moment that imply that all women are interested in is shoes which I'm not sure is much better! Hope the exam went well.