Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What I am Listening To...

     I really have a soft spot for Canadian bands... My all-time favorite Neil Young left Canada long ago and made the pilgramage necesary for all Hippies in the 1960s to California (in a hearst named Morte no less) he still heads this way once every few years, last time I saw him was in Massey Hall (best show EVER)...and I am going to see him again soon. Living in a University town we get a lot of Canadian bands playing in venues around town and I am a big fan of independent music! In regards to Indie music there are quite a few Canadian bands I would highly recommend:

Gentleman Reg: Jet Black; Subdued dance party, I love his style. Think tight turquois pants.

Arcade Fire: Neon Bible; This Montreal band made it big a few years ago, I love their use of non-conventional instruments (kettles?)

Timber Timbre: Medicinals; Blues/Gothic/Rockabilly, I saw him play at a local church in the dark and it was one of the most haunting performances I have ever seen.

Ohbijou: Swift Feet For Troubling Times; Violins!!!! I Love!!!! The lead singer Casey has the most beautiful, sweet voice/ it makes me happy. 

Corb Lund: Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!; Country. Good Country. Plus I like his style. Kind of channels Neil Young live, with flannel and shaggy hair. 

Ghost Bee's: Tasseomancy; Twin sister duet from Halifax, I saw them in a small room at a show in Brantford, they had small tea cups, candles and painted faces. I sat crossed legged on the floor. 
The Bicycles: The Good the Bad the Cuddly; Kind of Beatlesque? Very Danceable, maybe jumping on your bed using your brush as a microphone?

Final Fantasy: Has a Good Home; Owen Pallet makes magic on stage alone with his violin, a piano and a sampler, which he records a section then layers it so it sounds like there is more than one musician. Awesome live. 

Golden Dogs: Big Eye Little Eye; They make me think of a roller disco...don't ask why. 

Hylozoists: L'ile De Sept Viles; Vibraphone anyone? Glockenspiel? Violin? I do. 

Cuff the Duke: Life Stories for Minimum Wage; Country/Rock/Pop Kind of? Hard to describe. I missed them when they played on campus. Boo. 

Great Lake Swimmers: Ongiara; Folkish? 

Black Ox Orkestar:  Nischt Azoy ; Jewish Folk; Eastern European Violin; Trumpet; unique and amazing! I would LOVE to see them live.
Forest City Lovers: Haunting Moon Rising; Sounds like: Walking through dimly lit streets of the city and watching the streetlights come on one by one (as their myspace says!)

Black Mountain: In the Future; Tres Psychadelic, good to crank while your cleaning the house on a Sunday morning...
      Hmmmm, thinking about it, I listen to ALOT of Canadian Music! Check out all the links by clicking on the band name, which will link you to their myspace page and you can sample their music for free! :) Also 3 Breaking New Sound plays new Canadian music which is a good source for finding new music, plus it has an awesome feed free of advertisements! 

O.K. I really need to stop procrastinating and start studying!!

-Rocking over and OUT, Delilah

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  1. I LOVE Arcade Fire. I'm so glad they made your list.

    Seeing as though I love Canadians, love your blog and love Arcade Fire, I should check out the rest of your recommendations.

    I got a kick out of your Ghost Bee's experience: "They had small tea cups, candles and painted faces. I sat cross-legged on the floor."

    Very cute.