Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Guerilla Gardening

     So I mentioned in a previous post (on Urban Agricultural Gardening) I was going to do a post on Guerilla Gardening. One day at the library I was lookingat the new books which had arrived and one in particular really caught my eye. On Guerilla Gardening: A handbook for gardening without boundaries by Richard Reynolds. Wait seed bombs? Seed guns? Gardening war zone? Graffiti with nature? All in the name of beautifying urban spaces!!!! Sounds like my kind of movement.

    " It is a call to reclaim the drab and neglected urban spaces in our cities through stealth gardening tactics'... Part manual, part manifesto, 'On Guerilla Gardening" gives you everything you need to join the revolution. Drawing on the venerable origins of the movement to reclaim our public land, from victory gardens to New Yorks Green Guerillas, the book takes us to sites of illicit cultivation from San Francisco to Singapore, London to Libya. Packed with photos, stories of battles won and lost, and practical advice- such as how to plan an attack, what plants to have in your arsenal, how to evade authorities, and how to use propaganda effectively- On Guerilla Gardening is an irresistible invitation to shoulder you shovel and strike out beyond your picket fence." -Book description from

THIS!!!! "Lets fight filth with Forks and Flowers!!!"...Resistance is fertile!

Sooo, Spring is in the air, at least here in Canada (it did snow last weekend but it was eight degrees yesterday!), so get out there, strap some plants to your bike/ throw them in the trunk of your car or grab a few seed bombs and start planting! Green = Beautiful!

Love Delilah

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