Thursday, April 30, 2009

      Hmmmm, well we are off in less than a week. I have been home (to my parents house in the boonies) for the last couple of days and we have dial-up! It is the slowest thing imaginable! Thus I have not posted. Nothing of interest has caught my eye for the last couple of days, life has been catching up on movies and reading and trying to get Steve comfortable at my parents. Steve is our bratty cat (who my parents lovingly dubbed 'demon cat'). Otherwise, over the last few days:

1. We picked up our euro's!
2. We booked our hostel in Munich (Munich is surprisingly expensive!)
3. Moved all of Jack's stuff to my parents place for storage for the summer
4. Finished doing taxes (hallelujah!) 
5. Went and saw the four-hour epic that is Che Guevara (amazing- we will write a post on that soon)
7. Finished reading the Carhullan Army
8. Executed a practice pack (which went very well I must say)
9. Got my first roll of film developed from my new camera (oh, how I long for a dark room, maybe one day)
10. Bought travel insurance

   Jack is at work, finishing his last shift! Finally! Almost bon voyage! Will post a follow up about Che!


  1. My parents have dial-up too! I called it the Internetosaurus.

    I love pets with people names! Steve the cat! Ha! Excellent!

  2. The Che Guevara movie sounds interesting, also yesterday we got book called Revolucion its about Cuban poster art.

    I can't stand dial-up as well!

  3. Yay - only a week to go - you must be so excited! Where is your first stop?
    I'm so jealous - I travelled round Europe a few years ago and had the best time.

  4. How goes the adventure? Update us! Or are you sans Internet hiking around somewhere too exciting and too beautiful to sit down and hammer out a blog post?

    I completely understand. ;)