Saturday, April 4, 2009

We leave in a month and a day!

The semester is wrapping up. Last day of class was on Thursday. Now I sit and procrastinate while I am supposed to be studying! Just doing a bit of last minute research for the trip. The one place I am excited to go to is Romania. Lots of castles, medieval towns and dun dun dunn....Dracula! I am sure the locals hate all the tourists coming through Transylvania on the intrepid search for vampires (especially with vampires becoming so popular in pop culture as of late...Twilight anyone?); being a tacky tourist I feel it is a must! Just to say I went to Dracula's castle, which inspired Bram Stokers "Dracula." I have been brushing up my Romanian history, learning about Vlad the Impaler. Also, I am thinking about picking up Dracula, written in 1897. Count Dracula (who is bad ass) could certainly teach Edward a thing or two about being a real vampire, heh heh (yes, unfortunately I watched Twilight, which consequently was a waste of an hour of my life).  
Next installment in the trip itinerary- Turkey here we come!!!


  1. Your going to Transylvania!!!!!
    Lucky you!!!!
    I have also seen the Twilight movie and it was an hour wasted of my life!!!!!

  2. I've got a very good friend from Romania. Actually, he's" Zipper Boy" from a few posts back ...

    Procrastination. Err.

    How long will you be gone for? Or do you not roll that way?

  3. Three months?? Holy Moly!!!!