Sunday, May 17, 2009

A few more things!!!

So we discovered that our jaunt from the Czech Republic to Poland was was about forty kilometers as the crow flies. We likely covered more ground, especially considering some of the detours we took! My muscles are finally recovering, and I think my six pack is intact (heh heh). Below is a painting our host did that we quite liked...a bit erotic? There was a bunch of other paintings in the apartment, not x-rated mind you, which were quite neat. Our hosts, whose names I cannot pronounce/ write unfortunately, helped us navigate the Polish bus system and the husband drove us at 7:00 this morning to the station which was very generous...
A crazy lizard we saw crossing the road after it rained...An old polish lady approaced the help it along and we saw it safely across the ashphalt. We attempted to communicate, mostly through hand gestures, and we discovered it is a fire Salamander. I believe they are quite common in Europe. The one we saw was quite big, about seven inches!!!!Anyways, tomorrow we are heading to the bus station to see where the wind carries us! Maybe back to Prague to retrieve the rest of our stuff that we stored at the Hostel...I am currently in possession of one shirt, that smells, I am using man deoderant to ward off the stink hee hee!

Salut, Delilah

P.S Another run in with the law! We decided to avoid the bar and indulge in some cheap Wroclaw beers from the local variety store... It seems public drinking is quite common. It was a lovely day and the boys suggested a park near the Hostel to enjoy the brew. We cracked open a few cans, were debating the Quebecois Seperatist movement having an excellent time soaking up the sun when I saw a police van pull up behind us. I motioned for the two boys to put their beers into the knapsack we had. In a matter of minutes we were surrounded by about six police. It was disconcerting to say the least. I attempted to wrangle our passports out of the bag without revealing the cans. They looked at our IDs and in broken English said no beer here please. We got off the hook, it was lucky I saw them and we hid the beers or we might of had to pay!!! Phewww....must be more careful...these were brutes...luckily they let us off....


  1. Hi, welcome to Poland:) If you're in Wrocław and have some time, try to get to Wojslawice (you can get information in Wroclaw Botanic Garden) - perfect time for visiting it, due to its stunning azales.
    Krakow is a must (about 4 hours by train from Wroclaw) and lol, don't drink beer in park (at leat openly:):)) Lucky you to see Salamander - I haven't seen it for ages!!!!
    Have fun.

  2. I love man deodorant. When I was single I used to wear it just to feel like I was with a man.

    I'm so glad the brutes let you guys off the hook. For some prejudiced reason I figured Eastern European police officers would be more liberal about open container laws.

  3. PS. I'm sitting in the Adirondack chair.

  4. 40 km??? wow.. not sure i could have done it!!!
    The salamander is cool....
    You have to stop getting into trouble with the foreign law!!! tsk tsk.....

  5. You guys must be sans Internet.