Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Munchen and the 'SLAV EPIC'

This one is called 'Fate'...the gaze is particularily disturbing! I love it! Today we went to the innovator and contributor to the art noveau movement Alphonso Munchen museum. We learned about his 'Slav Epic' which we are really keen to check out in another small town outside of Prague. We really enjoyed to exhibit and had an informative chat with a proffessor and his wife from Portland Oregon, who taught us about some of the Protestant movement in Prague and about Jan Has, who was burned at the stake as a heretic and who effectively influenced Martin Luther.

After we parted ways from our American and Norwegian friends, Hamish, Jack and I were impeded by the Czech Transit Authority for not having tickets for the subway- which we kind of have been taking advantage of. It really sucked, we were lectured sternly by a mean-looking Czech beheamoth of a man, issued a fine and sent along our merry way. We were a bit shaken up- I mean images of me in a Czech prison were not something I wanted to entertain. We tried to talk our way out of it, playing the lost tourist to no avail. Thus we returned to the Hostel and picked up a few cheap beers to drown our sorrows. Luckily our friends/ dorm mates did not suffer the same fate when we bumped into them later in the night!

-Gutten Tag, D

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  1. U silly tourists!!! How much was the fine??