Friday, May 8, 2009

The trip to Prague

We have arrived in Prague! We ended up heading to Prague instead of Berlin because we got on the road late and missed the early bus to Berlin.

On our way to the bus station, we were in a busy area outside the town hall (see above) and an old man started messing with Jacks back pack. My first instinct was to slap him, and without thinking a gave him a good hard smack. He backed off and laughed, mumbling in German. Then he casually rejoined his wife and meandered on. We were a bit jumpy after that! We really stood out with a giant backpacks so we remained very vigilant .

We finally made it to the bus unscathed and we were pleasantly surprised by (a) the comfort of the seats, (b) we recieved free drinks...there was a stewardess! (c) the tv's, the stewardess kindly put on english subtitles for us.

Anyways...the story will be continued ...we are heading out to tour the Prague castle!!!!


  1. are in Prague!!!!
    And beating on old German men.... way to go D!But be careful!!!!
    Anyhoooo A castle! Take lots of pics!!!!

  2. One piece of advice - steer clear of the absinthe in Prague - cheap and deadly!

  3. Oh jack that does seem like something you would do, but i would do if i was in that situations too, told Felix's parents about it and his mom laughed soo hard she thought it was so funny!! but completely understandable she said!! Talking about your trip with her makes her want to go back to Germany so bad! Hope you and Delilah are having fun! Love you and miss you. Later!! -Lisa, Felix and the gang back here in London!

  4. HAHAHAHAHAH !! That is so funny!
    Hope you both are loving life right now! Keep updating us, we love to read them!
    The Stricklands.