Friday, May 22, 2009

It has been a couple of days....

Sorry for the lack of posts! After spending another night in Prague we headed to the Medievel Era town of Kutna Hora... It was absolutely beautiful, think cobbled streets, secret passage ways and stunning cathedrals. It was very calm and relaxing to catch up on a bit of reading. The major sites included St. Barbara's Cathedral which we visited at night and during the day and the Ossuary...or bone church (see photos above!)!The highlight of the trip to Kutna Hora was the extremely creepy hostel we stayed in, which seemed unchanged since the Soviet Era. We were the only occupants with the exception of an old man who we could hear coughing in the night. We only saw him once when he stumbled from his room mumbling (in Czech?) and went to use the girls washroom- very strange. I was convinced it was haunted. There was no reception, the only way you could pay was to be there at 5 oclock when a young girl came around to collect payment and then was gone.
I did find something very cool out the back of the building however. There were some chiseled steps leading into a type of garden out the back door. Jack saw a cat and ran up the stairs and I followed. There, embedded inthe wall was a a perfect cylindrical sphere of iron that could rest in your palm. It looks somewhat like a musket shot so I figure it must be an ancient artifact! It is very neat...I must do some more research!
Anyways, after Kutna Hora we endured a very hot busride to Cesky Krumlov, but we survived! We met Hamish (who had taken the train with his Eurorail pass) at a Hostel called Skippy which is fantastic. More pictures and stories to follow!


  1. very interesting things D and J..did u get pictures of the hostel?? sounds very creepy! This town sounds just like the place I would love to visit!!

  2. I love that last pic with the spiral staircase. I'd pass out from dizziness at the bottom. Delilah – you found a treasure! See if you can get on Antiques Roadshow.