Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prague Graffiti

Here are some pictures of local graffiti in Prague. Since we've been in Europe we have seen tons of spray paint. There are loads of people tagging slogans and what not, those who know us well know we have a personal attachment to stencil street art.

This one was pretty neat.
I think the next one is by
the same artist.

For my girlfriend, my sister, and my cousin.

Freehand, but I like the message,
and colour. Definetly the same artist, on the same daymost likely. Im pretty sure both pieces say the same thing, one in English, one in Czech.

We'll keep an eye out and post some more soon!
-Signing out


  1. Hey Jack
    Very interesting graffiti.... I like the ones with the birds! Do u know if it is illegal to do graffiti in europe? As u mentioned there is alot of it... Just Curious!

  2. I really like them.
    Especially the eat no animals one.

    You can use the quote too.

  3. You may like the work of Bansky as well