Thursday, May 28, 2009


Hungary was much fun... We took a free tour of Budapest, explored the caves under the city (which extend for over 200KM), went to Statue Park (where all the old communist propaganda statues were thrown from Budapest) and had a lovely evening on the citadel eating cheese and bread with fellow backpackers. I also, during the duration of the trip, had the privilage to touch a brass horse statue's balls which for the locals is symbolic of luck in love and in writing exams ( I will add a picture later).
We had added another companion to the travel posse, Lauren from South Africa, who accompanied us to Romania. We may perhaps even coax her into coming to Istanbul. I will add a story of our midnight train to Brasov, and the crazy Hungarian couple who swigged vodka all night as well as our first impressions of Romania (I saw my first stray dog!).
Bed-time; we ate garlic for dinner hopefully to ward of the vampires who roam these parts.




  1. If touching brass balls is lucky, then I should win the Lotto tomorrow. (That was a dirty Joe reference. Sorry.)

    Onward and upwards! I can't wait to read about the Vodka-swigging Hungarians.

  2. J & D..... Did the garlic work?? or maybe we just won;t really know.... hmmmmm

  3. Fab photos!!!
    Looks like fun!!!
    Keep posting!!!