Tuesday, May 12, 2009

View of Prague

Had a lovely evening enjoying the view from the rooftop terrace at our hostel. This picture courtesy of Jack's artistic eye. We drank french wine Hamish provided and 8 crown beer! Thats roughly 40 cents Canadian! Political debate ensued needless to say- my personal favorite pasttime.
We are departing Prague today for the Czech mountains to check out some small towns (It is sad leaving our little hostel). There may not be any posts for a few days in the event we do not find internet...don't worry though! Will write soon! Then onward march....Austria and Hungary here we come!!!


  1. It looks beautiful. Enjoy yourselves.

    CJ xx

  2. I love Jack's artistic eye!! beautiful picture.. I can't wait to get copies!!!
    Into the mountains eh.... be careful of mountain goats!!!! they can be notorious for harrassing tourists... ;)

  3. What a lovely photo!!!
    I think it may have to be my new desktop background!!!

    Have fun!!!

  4. Hi Delilah and Jack, wherever you are now :).
    I've tagged you here.
    Thanks for the trip stories :).

  5. Seems that everyone has been recently in this wonderful city. I've already come back with many photos of it, but didn't manage to take such a great picture as this presented here!
    Greetings from Poland:)

  6. What a great photo. You guys are so lucky to be traveling...OK so every new location you guys go to pick up a small piece of paper from the ground, and keep and when you return home.
    Send them to me..LOL..I love doing collage. I will probably never get to travel to those areas. Be safe.