Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some Pics

The patio on which we soaked up the sun, honed our chess skills, read and watched the tourists canoe down the river (and flip in some cases!)
The dogs we were sternly told "not to touch, feed or acknowledge"? we had to follow the one and rescue it after it decided to go on a mission into town...
Salvador Dali above mine and Jack's bed...
Another random piece of art in that adorned the walls of the house. I really liked this one, it reminded me of Hunter S. Thompson for some reason...maybe the flag on the hat?
The view of the rowdy gypsy band at the bar, although I had to endure the debate between jack and Hamish about human nature once again, in the background. It never ends...What is truth? What is it to be human?


1 comment:

  1. cool.. a gypsy band...! i wonder what kind of music they play...gypsy music? haha
    about the dogs.... that is really weird ... i saw a show about that but it was in russia somewhere....stray dogs everywhere!