Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greeting From Munich!

May 5th (on the plane): Currently hurtling 32,000 feet toward the Atlantic ocean. Slight turbulence makes my stomach quiver. Babies whimper. I hear pages of a book being turned. Whispers. What a strange and unnatural feeling flying is! The muffled rumble of the engines become white noise. I can see the reflection of the half-moon on the plane. So many adventures in store! Estimated time of arrival- half past ten.
We we arrived in the city we were surprised by how quiet and clean it was. There are bikes everywhere. Not many stores. You can buy cigarettes out of machines. Booze is very cheap.
This is some cool graffiti we found on a side street...
Our first make-shift meal, havarti and yummy bread with coffee! We bumbled in the bakery trying to order. One cashier spoke a bit of English which helped. After we left the bakery we headed to a local library where the librarian (who spoke english well) gave us some pointers.

Help- Hilfe
Thank-you- Danke
How much is that? Wie viel kostest das?
Excuse me- entschuldigen sie!

We will keep working on our German!

Guten tag! -Delilah and Jack


  1. Hmmm looks yummy.....
    glad u got some pointers on the language!

  2. Yay for your German! That's a nice-looking breakfast up there. The graffiti is cool too. I love the backpacking girl with the giant ... firecracker in her arms?