Monday, May 11, 2009

Museum of Communism and Galavanting About the City

Yesterday Jack and I headed out with Hamish and our new friend Jordan (from Montana) to see the museum of communism. It was stratigically located next to a McDonalds and a casino... which was quite amusing. There was plenty of sculptures and paintings of Marx and Lenin, but we found much of the commentary to be rather subjective. We also felt it was bit overpriced for what we paid which was a bit of a disappointment.
Afterwards, we went to the Prague castle. Although we did not get to go inside any buildings, we observed to magnificent views of the city from our perch. The church on the Castle ground was breath taking and I wished we got there in time to go inside.
The last picture is of me, peeking inside on the lookout for ghouls and the type. Unfortunatly I did not see much, but Hamish and I were certain we could hear voices of the torture victims ghosts within. The rest of the day we trecked through the royal gardens, scaled a rock ledge succesfully...hee hee...braved the jungle of a Czech mall which is similar to braving such places at home and went to a two floored Tesco grocery store to stock up on crucial supplies.

Woke up today to a pounding rain. Were entertained with fellow backpackers awesome guitar skills, Oystein, who could play anything you could think of...Even NEIL! He is from Norway which sounds like paradise. The cops do not even carry gunsthere...and apparently they produce guitar prodigies....
-Over and Out, Delilah


  1. Hey, never mind, just take your time there.
    I'm waiting for more photos and stories from you both. After Prague, what's next?

  2. U heard ghosts? That reminds me of that castle in Scotland!!!! Also the underground caverns or whatever they were.... i think there was a blood curdling scream as well!!
    I think I want to move to Norway!!!

  3. This reminds me a lot of a trip I took through Wales several years ago. I loved Tesco!

    Odd that of all the very interesting things you detailed in this post, I latched onto Tesco.

    Go figure.

  4. I totally know the tesco in Prague you mean. I don't think i have ever been so excited to see a Tesco - we had been travelling for weeks and we were so excited to see somewhere selling English chocolate! Plus my friend had to buy some specific contact lens fluid because she had forgotten to bring her glasses travelling with her. Afterwards we felt slightly dirty and ashamed for being more excited about Tesco than some of the Prague sights!
    Really enjoying your travel posts. Have fun xx